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Jin Xuan cultivar oolong from the famous Alishan mountain. A rich and luxurious tea with honeysuckle, butter biscuit, cream, vanilla and a light sugar cane sweetness.

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Organic Oolong made from Chin Shin Da Mo cultivar and processed in nitrogen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Fragrant aroma of wine gums. Muscat flavour with a summer rain on hot stone freshness and smoky sugar honeyed finish.

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Expertly cooked compressed Pu Erh tea. Aroma of autumn leaves and a deep, earthy flavour. Great digestif. Contains natural statins, compounds which lower cholesterol.

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Top grade dark roasted rock oolong. Starts fruity and transforms to toasty and woody. Notes of roasted peaches, oaked red wine and coffee beans. A deep and rich tea.

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Quality cooked Pu'Erh from Menghai in Yunnan. Earthy, strong and smooth - the perfect digestif. Contains natural tea statins, compounds which lower cholesterol levels and protect heart.

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Glistening golden tea from Yunnan. A rich, satisfying, malty flavour filling the mouth with sweet, earthy notes and hints of spice. A remarkably smooth finish. Liquid velvet.

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The most highly valued spring green tea in China grown in the prestigious Lions Peak field of Dragonwell. Rich with lush grass notes, toasted hazelnuts and a satisfying finish.

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A delicious hand picked Oolong from Anxi county, scented over days with freshly picked Jasmine flowers. A more floral and mellow flavour compared with grassy Jasmine Green tea. Relaxing and uplifting blend.

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The scent of rain on a summer's day with delicate pineapple notes. A grassy start with a wonderful and lingering, sweet aftertaste. The best Maofeng comes from Huangshan mountain. Other Maofeng teas are considered to be inferior.

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A very special, delicate green tea made from large leaves with subtle nutmeg notes and a light, floral and creamy taste.

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Very high grade organic matcha from Shizuoka in Japan. Stone ground to under 10 microns and extremely rich in antioxidants.

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A sweet and exotic combination of finest oolong and ginseng. A rich oolong tea with subtle licorice, burnt sugar and tropical fruit overtones. Perfect hot or as an ice tea.

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