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Premium quality raw herbs and fruits to infuse in tea, use in cooking or simply nibble on as a healthy snack. Extremely beneficial to overall health and to help cure common complaints.

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Khaki strands unfurl into perfect lime green leaves. Delicious bright yellow tea transforms from a bitter start to a sweet finish.

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Picked and twisted in Hainan. A cooling anti-inflammatory tea that helps treat hypertension. Also great as a weight loss aid. A bitter sweet brew.

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A seed to help moisten the lung and to clear the throat. May help the discomfort of tonsilitis and voice hoarseness.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine used cassia seeds to help in the elimination of heat in the liver. Said to soothe blood shot and/or sore inflammed eyes.

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Said to replenish vital essence and to promote the secretion of body fluids. May help relieve dry coughs, dry throats and dry stools.

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Through the liver and kidneys, dandelion is known to increase the elimination of toxins. A great healing herb.

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A popular preventative health drink and highly researched herb. Astringent and invigorating. Can be mixed with other herbs to lessen its bitterness.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine books describe this fruit as being invaluable in promoting the regeneration of liver cells, lowering blood cholesterol and in preventing arteriosclerosis.

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A very popular flower used in TCM, listed as antibaterial, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory. Used to help relieve common colds and associated fevers.

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Known to help relieve sore throat, cough and asthma. Invigorates the function of vital energy.

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Senna leaves are known to help relieve constipation, especially habitual constipation. 40g per pack

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