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Set of 28 colour photos of the advanced signs of the iris, pupil and selera and their explanations. Text in English, Cesky, and Deutsch. Size 12cm x 10cm - By Frank Navratil (2002)

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Science has repeatedly shown that touch is essential to the growth & development of human beings. We are still learning of ways lives can be enriched through sensitive and sensible touch. Methods are emerging from decades of experience. (2005) 203pp

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This book covers the causes, symptoms and treatment of all of the main fear and anxiety disorders. Once you understand what you are struggling with, it is much easier to manage, control and overcome. (2009) 294pp

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Practical compendium of essentials oils and their spiritual significance. Includes a section in how to make your own blends for your own special ceremonies.

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Building on the link between fragrance & mood,this nicely illustrated & practical guide allows you to use aromatherapy to alleviate tension,anxiety & depression.This comprehensive guide surveys 40 common essential oils.

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The practical sections of this book cover the different parts of the foot massage process, with color photos and graphics providing clear explanations to help learners utilize the techniques with confidence.

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For those suffering from arthritis & other inflammatory diseases,this book is the most up to date & complete guide to alternative & conventional medicine,detailing the latest research on drugs,diet,exercises,vitamins,& much more.-Weatherby/Gordin(1999)

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This unique book is a comprehensive introduction to the theoryand practice of Ayurveda, and discussed the practical use of therapies such as diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, andherbal remedies. (2006) 392pp

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This book clearly explains the principles and practical applications of Ayurveda. Includes 50 concise charts, diagrams and tables, and B/W photographs.- By Vasant Lad. (1997) 175pp

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Covers over 80 different ailments from the common cold to cancer that can be treated by Ayurvedic Healing.It also shows the appropriate life-style practices & daily health considerations for your unique mind-body type. - By David Frawley. (2000) 448pp

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Well illustrated,this informative book explores man's understanding about relationships between electromagnetism,medical care,& psychiatric disorders. - By R. Becker and G. Selden. (1995) 364pp

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This book discusses the integration of the principles of TCM and of modern psychosomatics. An invaluable source for all those involved in Shiatsu therapy and other bodyworks. - By Mark Seem. (1989) 258pp

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This detailed and comprehensive guide offers a fresh outlook for anyone who suffers from general fatigue, stress and conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, adjustment disorders, depression and temporomandibular joint dysfunction, as well as the professionals who work with them. (2012) 256pp

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Traditional Tibetan Medicine, created by people living on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as the 'roof of the world' is becoming known worldwide. This English monograph, is a first of itskind, with many insights to daily living.

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This thorough introduction explores the subject of classical homeopathic medicine from its unique view of health and disease to homeopathic clinical practice and its place in traditional health care. - By Micahel Carlston (2003) 182 pages EX DISPLAY COPY IN GOOD CONDITION LIMITED STOCK

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