Moxibustion products for stimulation of acupuncture points.

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Suitable for scraping and cupping, massage, moxibustion, a few drops in the bath to increase blood circulation, relieving the cold and pain.

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Superior grade quality pure Chinese Qi moxa. Used in direct moxibustion and in heating acupuncture needles.

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Very fine Japanese Golden quality moxa, mainly used in needle moxibustion.

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Fits over the handle of Japanese type needle. Moxa punk is packed into the cap and then ignited to heat the handle of the needle.

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Suitable for holding and extinguishing Mild, Tai I and Nien Yin Moxa rolls. This stand is made of chrome plated brass. The top has two slots for holding the moxa stick sideways during treatment.

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Moxa roll extinguisher with ash collector base & top holding slots. Extinguishes various size moxa rolls. Top slots hold moxa roll sideways. Large stainless steel base dish offers greatersafety & stability, as well as an ash collector.

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Safe and practical, this 175mm long half-split spoon is perfect for removing hot moxa from needles. Why risk burning yourself or your patient when you can use this protective spoon. A must for any moxibustion treatment.

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10mm long ready-cut moxa to fit on needle head.

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Contains special kind of herbs besides moxa. Box of 10 rolls.Used mainly for acute conditions.

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Contains mostly moxa. 10 rolls/box

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Load this spring loaded device with small smokeless moxa sticks(ref. TIG-STIR), the front tip has a 4 cm rolling drum, that once warm can be rolled over the treatment area for moxibustion purpose. - Chrome

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Smokeless moxa cones for top of needles. 200pcs per box.

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Smokeless moxa sticks, thin, 6mm diameter, 120mm length. Used for moxibustion and suits the Feng Shou Metalic Moxa Box (MOX-FSBX).

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