Disposable Acupuncture Needles

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Needle has a pine-shape pointing to prevent 'hooking' and to use for deeper muscle penetration. Its copper coil handle with a loop allows a good grip, and the use of loose moxa. Individually sealed with guide tube in a blister.

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New range of disposable needle with plastic handle. An extra fine needle with ultra sharp pointing for the most pain free treatment. Easy inserting, perfect for sensitive patients and areas of body such as face, hands and feet.

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Japanese style stainless steel needle with silicone tip protector The loopless stainless steel coil handle can be fitted with a moxa cap (code MOX-CAP) for moxa therapy. Individually sealed with guide tube in a blister.

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Identical to our CC type but with 5 needles per blister for extra economy.

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MicroSystem needle with high visability handle specially designed for detox treaments. Approved by College of Auricular Acupuncture. Suitable for ear, hand and foot acupuncture. Boxed in 500pcs

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Seirin disposable acupuncture needle with plastic handle. The needle is made of stainless steel and has an extremely thin silicone coating. The tip is filed for sharpness and 3 times polished for practically painless insertion.

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Seirin acupuncture needles.

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