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Clearly the best-selling authoritative book which describes the principles of Chinese medicine, and how these can practically be applied. Readers with unfamiliar knowledge of Chinese medicine will find this book an eye-opener. 2nd revised edition

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A comprehensive work bringing together the complete theory of Chinese medicine available to the West. Includes a detailed presentation and clinical use of over 200 acupuncture points.

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An introductory guide designed to introduce professionals and students alike the principle ideas, concepts and practicalities involved in setting-up and running a successful business. Useful for when ready to work for one's self. (2009) 110pp

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Set of three wall charts: Front, Back, and Side views.40cmx90cm. The charts show the location of 361 of the 14 meridians,171 of the strange and 110 of the new acupuncture points. (1999)

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Set no. 2 of the series - 148 cards. A useful compendium and user's guide for the TCM Classic Chinese Formulas listing 126 formulas with their ingredients, indication, Chinese syndromes, actions, and disease classifications .

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The first 28 pages of this study guide lists a comprehensive resource material, and the next 200 pages is a storehouse of questions and their answers.

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Volume 1: 309 pages of questions and answers designed to improve the reader's ability to analyze health problems.

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