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This comprehensive program focuses on interception, trapping, and sealing the opponent, and keeping the distance and angle to avoid a counter-attack as you execute the most practical Chin Na.

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This DVD has two separate self-help programs: Guided Imagery & Subliminal Program. Both have easy-to-follow directions and can be used before, during, and after cancer treatments. Complete explanations & instructions for both programs.

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With both, sitting and standing set included, anyone can do these exercises.If you've never tried a fitness program,or want an alternative to aerobics, these Qigong exercises on this DVD are for you. - By Jwing-Ming Yang (2003) 140 minutes

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DVD includes: Detailed instruction of the form: Description ofeach movement from a Neigong perspective. Demonstration of theentire form.

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Experience a private lesson with one of the world's foremost masters if Qigong. Learn the correspondence between the internal organs and Five Elements theory during an introductory lecture on traditional Chinese medicine. (2008) 180mins

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This 75 movement form has been hidden within small, select groups in China for over 1,000 years. For the first time, this esoteric form is now available to the general public. (2010)

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Traditional Training for Endurance and power. The purpose of body conditioning is to strengthen the entire's body structure for the rigors of martial arts practice, gradually strengthening your bones, joints and muscles. 2012

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Become more fit and flexible, improve the health of your spine and internal organs, and enhance your cardiovascular endurance.

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Kung Fu for Teens will develop your strength and flexibility while you learn martial arts, and help keep your mind centered by teaching you wu de, the martial arts code of morality.

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Learn how qigong & massage work together; prevent illness by imroving Qi and Blood flow; recover quickly from fatigue, aches,and soreness; relieve stress and physical tension. (2005) This DVD includes a section (70mins) on self-massage. 220mins in total

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These traditional sequences are an excellent way to take your Kung Fu to a much deeper and more refined level of understanding and expertise.

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In this program, Nicolas Yang teaches two traditional Long Fist advanced sequences in detail, with in-depth instruction, training exercises, and flow from previous Shaolin sequences.

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Saber training develops the fundamental skills required for all other short weapons training, and it is the first short weapon learned in Chinese martial arts.

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Basic sequences and solo drills for Shaolin Staff training. Develops the fundamental skills required for all other long weapons training, and it is traditionally the first long weapon learned in Chinese martial arts.

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The Chinese word Qigong means 'energy work'. Qigong is a highly effective ancient healing therapy that utilizes the mind and body to naturally develop the body's Qi for improved health and longevity. DVD (2007) 95mins

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Learn simple & effective qiqong exercises to relieve pain & rebuild the strength & flexibility of your back. These qigong movements gradually recondition the entire torso, including the spine, tendons and muscles. (2007) 70 minutes

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