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A collection of classical texts.
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Insight into the eight extraordinary meridians is well presented by the authors through their study of the Neijing and Nanjing. This book presents a full examination of the eight extraordinary meridians from the texts of the Neijing (The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic), the Nanjing (The Classic of Difficult Issues), and their commentaries. The first section gives an overview of the eight as showing the basic interaction of yin and yang within the body, as providing the foundation for the movement of qi and as being the underlying framework for the main meridian system. Classical descriptions of points and pathways are explored in depth.

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Transcribed and edited from a seminar given in London in 1987 by Claude Larre and Elizabeth Rochat de la Vallee.This new edition has been re-edited,& Chinese characters have been included in the body of the text.

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This new book presents various transformations which occur within the mother & developing baby during pregnancy. A month-by-month description of pregnancy is given. Two later texts present alternative & more unusual images of the fetus.

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