Everything that you require to add auriculotherapy to your treatments.

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Sterile stainless steel press needle packed on a soft foam backing (Not individually packed). Used for auriculotherapy. Supplied without plaster. Dia. 2.5mm /length 1.5mm.

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Sterilized stainless steel semi-permanent needle ready mounted on a plaster. Used for auriculotherapy. Dia.2.8mm / length 2mm. Especially used for treatment of stress and addictions. Less painful than the ASP type.

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Transparent protractor designed to detect the exact position of the points to be treated on the external ear.

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This transparent protractor has seven grooves. The seven points for stimulation are identified on the helix when the protractor is correctly in place. Can be used on either ear.

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Sterile single use blood lancets, stainless steel.

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250gr Spring loaded palpator. Essential instrument for the detection of painful points on the external ear or in the investigation of middle tissue in auriculomedicine. (Chinese)

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7.5cm tall plastic left and right model illustrating acupuncture points in Chinese characters and English numbers.

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Gold plated alloy metallic grain on plaster for ear and body point stimulation. 1.2mm dia.

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MicroSystem needle with high visability handle specially designed for detox treaments. Approved by College of Auricular Acupuncture. Suitable for ear, hand and foot acupuncture. Boxed in 500pcs

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Rigid Probe for Ear or Body Point stimulation.

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Hammer type seven star dermal needles used to stimulate areas of the skin. The huge cost of hair loss treatment and the extent of the drastic surgical procedures required are well documented by the media as celebrities reportedly pay thousands for hair transplants and shed blood from their scalps during surgical operations. However, this Seven Star tool provides a more natural alternative for those troubled by hair loss – a common symptom amongst male and female patients suffering from a variety of conditions and syndromes. Use the little dermal needles to massage the skin and stimulate blood flow to the affected area, e.g. the scalp. This versatile, effective and easy-to-use tool should be an essential part of any hair loss treatment.

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Seven star hammer with 12 replacement disposable heads. Long handle with 3mm needle. Used for traditional plum blossom needling. Stimulation by gentle needling tapping technique.

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