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This book demonstrates how a deeper understanding of the interrelationship between organ and channel theory can lead to more precise diagnosis and better clinical results. A unique format that for the apprentice and teacher.

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Clinisept+ Skin applies the latest proprietary hypochlorous technology to ensure high levels of cleansing. Alcohol free.

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Based on many years as a five element practitioner, Nora Fraglen explores the way in which the practice of acupuncture enlarges the experience and understanding of the practitioner. She shares, through case study and reflection, some of the larger ques

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Introduces acupuncture as a healing modality in the treatment of addiction. Describes the acupuncture-based treatment, the pharmacological actions of the drugs of abuse and the efficacy of the 'twelve step programs'.

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This book is an excellent resource for Chinese Medicine practitioners interested in including pediatrics in their practice. Itis built around numerous Chinese studies on the treatment of enuresis in children.

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