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The Active Point Test is a clinical instrument for identifying and selecting the points of the body that are most effective for treatment.

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The information in this book can increase your success rate with IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies by as much as 60%. Research has also shown that acupuncture alone can increase success rate of IVF by 35%.

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Allergic rhinitis is a common illness that can be stubborn and challenging to treat. This DVD provides informative therapeutic techniques complemented by foundational information on the causes, pathomechanisms, and pattern identification.

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Acupuncture therapy is one of the most effective treatments for dysmenorrhea. This DVD carefully presents several acupuncture techniques for treating menstrual pain & introduces a variety of supplementary treatment methods

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An invaluable guide for anyone beginning a career in acupuncture, this book offers a unique and supportive insight into the challenges and the pitfalls that the novice acupuncturist is likely to encounter, and provides encouragement and down-to-earth ideas for tackling them. The book addresses styles of working, common mistakes, confidence with patients, becoming a better praticitioner, and how to think about success and failure in the treatment room.

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A practical manual that can be used by any competent acupuncturist to expand the scope of their practice to include disorders of the eyes. Provides a clear, step-by-step guidelines for diagnosis & treatment.

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A fully evidence based book providing clinical reasoning options from TCM and Western medical perspectives.Provides detailed examination of all major types of neurological conditions encountered in clinical practice.

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This book addresses the important issues on appropriate acupuncture research methodologies, particularly that of placebo control, and enables the reader to judge the quality of RTC evidence.

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A clearly illustrated guide to using acupuncture to treat women throughout their pregnancy and labour.This book provides practical advice and instruction required to bridge that gap in knowledge and give practitioners the confidence they need. 2nd edition

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Gives an accurate and effective combination of points often crucial for a professional acupuncturist in deciding on treatment.70 illustrations.

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This comprehensive textbook is an invaluable reference for the advanced student or practitioner of TCM. A complete overview of the principles involved in distinguishing between different syndromes of illness in patient.

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This text gives a comprehensive account of current knowledge concerning two very commonly occurring musculo-skeletal pain disorders- the mysofascial trigger point pain syndrome & the fibromyalgia syndrome.

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Introducing the key concepts of healthy living, wellbeing, and longevity. This book covers the historical background of Oriental medicine, gives details of the Five Element and Yin/Yang theories and brings to light its remarkable transition.

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Combines traditional Chinese and Western acupuncture with state-of-the-art physiotherapy techniques to produce highly effective clinical techniques of targeting musculo-skeletal disorders.

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This original interpretation of acupuncture from Root to Tip will engage the attention of both students and practitioners. Provides a theoretical complement to the guides available to the clinical practice of acupuncture.

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