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Detailed information on the 361 Classical acupuncture points in a concise and accurate format.

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Detailed information on the 361 Classical acupuncture points in a concise and accurate format.

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Allergic rhinitis is a common illness that can be stubborn and challenging to treat. This DVD provides informative therapeutic techniques complemented by foundational information on the causes, pathomechanisms, and pattern identification.

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This original interpretation of acupuncture from Root to Tip will engage the attention of both students and practitioners. Provides a theoretical complement to the guides available to the clinical practice of acupuncture.

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Contains 4 parts: - Historical Background, - Traditional Knowledge, - Basic Biomedical Sciences in Acupuncture, - Future Directions and Potential.

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A collection of real case studies of patients who have been treated by prominent acupuncture practitioners in China. More than 170 cases are included, covering 73 different types of syndrome and disease.

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Insight into the eight extraordinary meridians is well presented by the authors through their study of the Neijing and Nanjing. This book presents a full examination of the eight extraordinary meridians from the texts of the Neijing (The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic), the Nanjing (The Classic of Difficult Issues), and their commentaries. The first section gives an overview of the eight as showing the basic interaction of yin and yang within the body, as providing the foundation for the movement of qi and as being the underlying framework for the main meridian system. Classical descriptions of points and pathways are explored in depth.

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Fundamental and indispensable book for anyone interested in these elements. Each element is explored and well presented by the author's insights.

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Five elements in acupuncture A4 size laminated chart is a useful quick reference to the acupuncture clock and related meridians and organs in chinese medicine.

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An in-depth understanding of the meridians and acupoints makes this essential study material for students of TCM and practitioners at all levels. Also included is a thorough introduction to the basics of acupuncture practice.

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First textbook illustrating the interpretation of acupuncture from a neurological perspective, and providing the essentials to modern neuro-science and its relationship to the field of acupuncture. Beautifully illustrated.

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This new book presents various transformations which occur within the mother & developing baby during pregnancy. A month-by-month description of pregnancy is given. Two later texts present alternative & more unusual images of the fetus.

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Introduces acupuncture as a healing modality in the treatment of addiction. Describes the acupuncture-based treatment, the pharmacological actions of the drugs of abuse and the efficacy of the 'twelve step programs'.

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This book is an excellent resource for Chinese Medicine practitioners interested in including pediatrics in their practice. Itis built around numerous Chinese studies on the treatment of enuresis in children.

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