Chinese Herbal Medicine

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This book will help readers gain a deeper understanding of theclinical diagnosis & treatment approaches for these common gastrointestinal disorders. This text will benefit the many patients who suffer from these conditions.

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This collection of medical essays is by one of the four great masters, Zhu Dan-xi. The book discussed his theories on ministerial fire & the importance of enriching yin. He discusses at length the roles that diet and lifestyle all play.

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Commonly used Chinese Materia Medica Vol. 2

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Commonly used Chinese Materia Medica Vol. 3 The medicinals are categorized according to the alphabetical order of herbs' pinyin names. A description of each medicinal covers the source for the medicinal, area of cultivation or wildcrafting, preparation, chemical constituents, pharmacological actions, Chinese medicinal properties, actions and indication as well as suggested dosages.

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Commonly used Chinese Materia Medica Vol. 1

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Each pathomechanism is described in detail and differentiated by specific etiological factors. With informative discussions concerning origins and development of ideas relevant to this pathology, symptoms, treatment strategies.

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Chinese medicine views acute PID as a disease that is commonly induced by factors such as childbirth, abortion, operations involving the uterine... This book helps the reader to diagnose the problem and advises the best treatment.

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This text serves a wide range of interests. It can be used as a reference guide for students and practitioners. Topics covered include the six aspects of inspection: vitality, colour, bodyshape and form, sense organs and orifices.

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This book discusses the clinical experience of ancient and modern-day renowned physicians & enables the practitioner to become adept at using Chinese medicine in the diagnosis & treatment of postpartum hypogalactic and breast hyperplasia.

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The intention of this book is to offer a complementary treatment approach for the most common menstrual disorders. Menstrual disorders present with a number of clinical manifestations that affect both body and mind.

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This text covers the origin & formation of the theory of channels & collaterals. It concentrates on the eight extraordinary channels, twelve divergent channels & colaterals, the twelve sinew, & twelve cutaneous regions.

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Set no. 2 of the series - 148 cards. A useful compendium and user's guide for the TCM Classic Chinese Formulas listing 126 formulas with their ingredients, indication, Chinese syndromes, actions, and disease classifications .

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An invaluable tool for the Chinese Medical Practitioner.The methodology is adapted to TCM diagnosis on syndrome differentiation.A modern solution to the ancient Chinese medical system.A useful handbook to enhance clinic effectivness.

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