Chinese Herbal Medicine

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This book discusses the functions, indications and contraindications of ready-prepared Chinese herbal medicine.

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There are more than 6,000 Chinese medicinals described in Chinese medical literature,only 260 of these are typically used in day-to-day practice.This book describes the clinical use of this core,essential repertoire of Chinese medicinals

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An essential study guide &exam preparation workbook.Comprised of 630 questions &answers,it covers all aspects of the theory &practice of Chinese herbal medicine.An very useful book for preparing for school state or national Chinese exams.

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This an alphabetical guide to the basic essentials of materia medica. Designed for quick reference in clinic to jog the memory on the specifics of each materia medica. Covers 300 of the most taught herbs internationally.

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Discusses diagnosis and treatment of acute abdominal syndromes according to combined Chinese-Western medicine.

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Chinene Formula Compatibility 2nd revised edition

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More than 120 compatible herbal combinations together with function, application and compatibility analysis. Abundant case histories from the author's own practice in clinic. A detailed discussion of the use of herbal medicines.

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This book describes the fundamental principles of TCM, including yin and yang, five elements, zang fu organs, qi, and the meriidians and collaterals of the body. Explaining the principles, treatment and prevent ill-health and disease.

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Comprehensive encyclopedic and lucid, this book is a must for all practitioners of the healing arts who want to broaden their understanding (Author of Food and Healing)

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Explores the healing properties of plant substances known in China;among these is the remarkable ginseng root well known for its ability to preserve sexual potency in men,to assist women through menopause,& to help general weakness.

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Brief Introduction to Chinese Medicine for the Practitioner

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Chinese External Medicine is a branch of TCM concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the body's surface. Traumatic injuries, skin diseases, breast lumps, hemorrhoids and male genital problems are all covered.

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In this volume, Miao has undertaken to explain to Western readers the concepts of TCM, drawing at the same time from ancient Chinese teaching and traditions. This text introduces Western audience to this ancient wisdom. DVD included

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An introduction to basic knowledge of the Chinese herbs, the folk stories. This unique book will benefit medical theorists, teachers and students by providing clinical and scientific information on the herbs.

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With the increasing interest in traditional Chinese life sciences, this textbook is useful for academic Chinese language courses and for private use. This book presents rich data on ancient Chinese medicine. Translated for the first time.

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This book provides an introduction to the medicine of the Neijing, and the influence of the contemporary schools of yin yang and wu xing (five phase, five element) theory.

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