Chinese Herbal Medicine

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In this book, 475 of the most commonly used medicinals are introduced and divided into 21 categories, according to their different action and indications. More commonly and more important herbs are indicated within each chapter.

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This book contains twenty chapters, begining with an introduction to the historical development and basic concepts of yang sheng. Health cultivation methods provided in this book include dietary methods, sexual practices, spirit-cultivation exercises.

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The basic theory & diagnostic & treating experience of ocular diseases in the ophthalmology of TCM are sytematically presented. Text in English and in Chinese.

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This book mainly introduces the basic theories of otorhinolaryndology of TCM and the therapeutic methods of the commonly-seen diseases. Text in English and in Chinese. - Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine.

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Each pathomechanism is described in detail and differentiated by specific etiological factors. With informative discussions concerning origins and development of ideas relevant to this pathology, symptoms, treatment strategies.

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This book offers a rich trove of information and in-depth analysis of the origins and pathology progression of lung disease, according to Chinese Traditional.

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This book reinterprets Chinese medicine using the approach of the philosophy of science in a manner that strikes common ground with biomedical science. Written for medical professionals, philosophers of medicine and readers interested.

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Set no. 2 of the series - 148 cards. A useful compendium and user's guide for the TCM Classic Chinese Formulas listing 126 formulas with their ingredients, indication, Chinese syndromes, actions, and disease classifications .

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An invaluable tool for the Chinese Medical Practitioner.The methodology is adapted to TCM diagnosis on syndrome differentiation.A modern solution to the ancient Chinese medical system.A useful handbook to enhance clinic effectivness.

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Volume 1: 309 pages of questions and answers designed to improve the reader's ability to analyze health problems.

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