Monkey Picked Tea (handmade) Hou Kui Monkey King


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An excellent Hou Kui, worthy of its name and price tag. THIS HAS BAGS of Hou Yun from the first sip - that sweet orchid aftertaste that almost becomes juicy and zesty like fruit gummies.

This Hou Kui may look quite different to the larger, paler and flatter teas that you have seen - this is because this batch has been mostly handmade. The folding and pressing phase of the fresh leaves has been done by hand and fed one by one through a machine rather than laid out in large batches for the machines to do all of the work. The handmade Hou Kui may not have the same 'wow factor' appearance as the machine-made teas but, in general, produce a richer and more characterful tea and is reserved for the better leaves and terroir.

This is a deceptive tea because it has such large leaves but the flavour is so fragrant and delicate. Consistently voted one of China's top ten teas, Hou Kui is a special tea made in Taiping county from the larger and pointy Shi Da cultivar. This tea is different from other Green teas in that, generally, the larger the tender leaves, the better the tea is considered to be.

The leaves are processed differently from other Green tea. They go through a brief wok-fired Shaqing phase before being folded and pressed and laid out in drawers. These drawers are put in a heated oven and the drawers are moved to adjust the temperature. The leaves are baked at descending temperature before being laid and pressed flat for final drying. They do not undergo any further rolling.

Hou Kui is a very delicate tea and must be stored in perfect conditions otherwise it darkens and loses its verve and aromatics. Be very careful to keep this tea airtight and in a cool location and make sure that you are drinking this year's tea!

Hou Kui suits long and narrow brewing containers so we recommend brewing in a Flute Brewer or glass. We really like brewing this tea Grandpa style - in a glass and topping up with water.

In case you were wondering, this tea is NOT picked by monkeys. This name comes from the legend that these tea trees growing on the edges of cliffs were too dangerous for the farmers to pick and so they trained monkeys to go and pluck the leaves. This is not true and has never happened as far as we are aware.


To brew Western style, infuse about 2g (heaped teaspoon) of leaf per 300ml of 80c water for about 2 minutes. You can reinfuse up to 3 times by adding 60 seconds for every subsequent infusion. We recommend you try brewing Gong Fu style which uses more leaf but creates a tastier brew.

To brew Gong fu style, infuse about 5g of leaf per 150ml of 80c water for about 5 seconds. You can reinfuse up to 5 times by adding about 5 seconds for every subsequent infusion. 

For more details on correct brewing check the Tea Brewing Chart

Scent / Taste:

Light yet complex flavours with a grassy start and slightly nutty and nutmeg flavours to a sweet and lingering aftertaste with orchid notes. Delicious.


Here are just a few known health benefits associated with drinking green tea: Boosts your immune system - Lowers blood sugar levels - Helps prevent cavities and tooth decay - Slows the aging process - Helps reduce the risk of cancer - Lowers Cholesterol - Aids in weight loss by burning calories - Reduces high blood pressure - Helps prevent arthritis - Reduces the risk of heart disease - Reduces the risk of stroke - Lowers the risk of blood clot.


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