Imperial Green


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Harvest: Spring 2014

Origin: Lions Head Plantation, Xihu, Zhejiang, China

Type: Green

Approximate Altitude: 188m



This is China's most famous green tea, absolutely revered for its rich yet refreshing flavour and the fragrance of lush spring grass.

Authentic Long Jing tea (otherwise known as Dragonwell) must be grown in Zhejiang province near the West Lake of Hangzhou. If it is grown anywhere else then it is considered a fake (much like champagne). Within the beautiful mist enshrouded mountains of Hangzhou there are many tea plantations but the most revered of all is the Lion Peak plantation which has the perfect microclimate for Long Jing tea. 

The tea is handpicked and pan baked by tea masters.

An old emperor of China proclaimed 18 Long Jing tea bushes in Lion Peak to be the Imperial tea and to this day tea is harvested from them (at an incredible price of £14,000 per 100g!). Our Long Jing tea is also grown in Lion Peak and is simply the best of all the Long Jing varieties. It is formerly the exclusive tea for Chinese Emperors and has more than a thousand years of recorded history. So popular that even Queen Elizabeth II, former US President Richard Nixon, and Henry Kissinger once tasted this tea during their visits to China.

Please note that you may find white yellow fur on the tea and little balls of fur in the tea. This is NOT mold but is tea fur showing that the tea is a very early spring tea - it demonstrates the quality of this Long Jing.


To brew Western style, infuse about 2g (heaped teaspoon) of leaf per 300ml of 80c water for about 2 minutes. You can reinfuse up to 3 times by adding 60 seconds for every subsequent infusion.

To brew Gong fu style, infuse about 5g of leaf per 150ml of 80c water for about 5 seconds. You can reinfuse up to 5 times by adding about 5 seconds for every subsequent infusion.

Scent / Taste:

Fresh, grassy and rich with toasty overtones.


Here are just a few known health benefits associated with drinking green tea: Boosts your immune system - Lowers blood sugar levels - Helps prevent cavities and tooth decay - Slows the aging process - Helps reduce the risk of cancer - Lowers Cholesterol - Aids in weight loss by burning calories - Reduces high blood pressure - Helps prevent arthritis - Reduces the risk of heart disease - Reduces the risk of stroke - Lowers the risk of blood clot.


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