Black Rose - Yunnan Black and Rose Petal


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Secondary Name

Rose Congou

Harvest: Spring

Origin: Qimen County, Anhui, China

Type: Scented Black

Approximate Altitude: 1727m

We only use fine, whole leaf Qimen black to create our blend so that the base tea is excellent. The rosebuds are picked fresh and allowed to dry amongst the leaves to release their fragrance completely into the tea. Cleansing, cooling and aids digestion.


To brew large leaf black tea Western style, infuse about 2.5g (heaped teaspoon) of leaf per 300ml of 95c water for about 1 and a half minutes. You can reinfuse up to 4 times by adding 60 seconds for every subsequent infusion.

To brew small leaf black tea Gong fu style, infuse about 6g of leaf per 150ml of 95c water for about 10 seconds. You can reinfuse up to 8 times by adding about 5 seconds for every subsequent infusion.

Scent / Taste

Rich and satisfying tea with robust flavours and a sweet fragrance of rose.

Ingredients / Materials:

Pure Yunnan Black tea and Rose flowers.


Here are just a few known health benefits associated with drinking tea: Boosts your immune system - Lowers blood sugar levels - Helps prevent cavities and tooth decay - Slows the aging process - Helps reduce the risk of cancer - Lowers Cholesterol - Aids in weight loss by burning calories - Reduces high blood pressure - Helps prevent arthritis - Reduces the risk of heart disease - Reduces the risk of stroke - Lowers the risk of blood clot.


Pregnant and breast feeding women may wish to seek further advice before regular consumption.

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