Big Leaf Kuding


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This plant is renowned for its ability to disperse heat in the body. Apart from its uses to treat hypertension and lower cholesterol and blood pressure, it is also used to clear the head and treat itching eyes, red eyes, rhinitis and headaches (caused by heat). It also helps to calm a fidgetting person and improve mental focus and memory.


To brew Western style use 1 leaf in about 350ml of water (Do not add more unless you like your tea really bitter). Place tisane in a spacious filter and infuse in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes. Remove tisane from water to prevent stewing and save them for up to an hour to re-infuse. The temperature of water depends on the type of tisane but generally nearly boiling water is suitable for most tisanes. Can be infused up to 3 times simply by adding fresh water.

To brew Gong Fu style use 2 heaped teaspoons per 200ml of water and reduce your brewing to 15-30 seconds. The brew will become richer and release its flavour in stages for your enjoyment. You are not wasting the tisane because you can reinfuse the tea many times, just add about 10 seconds extra for each infusion.

Scent / Taste:

A satisfying and strong tea that turns from bitter to sweet in the mouth.


Great as a weight loss acid and helps digestion.


Pregnant and breast feeding women may wish to seek further advice before regular consumption.

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