Small Grander Energy Board 17cm x 17cm


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The boards have a spiral copper tube filled with highly charged Grander Information Water encapsulated within the laminated wood. This means that any liquid in any container (glass, plastic, metal) that is placed on the board will begin to be restructured and revitalised. This includes the liquid in fruit or food that is placed on the board. House plants also benefit from being placed on the board.

This is small board and can only fit the equivalent of a 2 litre bottle or a single jug. The larger board allows many bottles, fruit etc to be revitalised simultaneously.

Perfect for revitalising bottles or jugs of filtered water. It only takes about 10 minutes to begin to notice a textural difference in the water but this improves the longer it is on the board. We like to revitalise liquids overnight.

Some people wedge a board at the top of their mattress to sleep close to the board. This will have a reviatlising effect on your blood and fluids as you sleep!


Revitalised water is water whose water cluster structure has been repaired and made coherent. Drinking revitalised water has the following effects on your body:

1. It improves hydration through a lowering of the surface tension. This increase water uptake and helps detox. Interestingly, drinking revitalised water tends to trigger the body's thirst reflex and encourages more water consumption. If you have difficulty drinking water because you are never thirsty or do not like the taste of water then revitalised water will help. The recommended minimum daily intake of water is an equivalent of 2 ltrs a day.

2. It improves the efficiency of your blood. You are over 60% water and the blood plasma will become revitalised when drinking revitalised water. This has been shown in live blood microscopy to improve red blood cell separation and white blood cell efficiency.

3. It provides the body with a self purifying and anti microbial hydration which has a positive effect on your immune system.

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