AcuMedic EF Type Acupuncture Needles


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This needle is designed mainly for a pain free insertion and is therefore suitable for sensitive areas or patients who are frightened of needles Extra fine needle with ultra sharp pointing packaged in 1 needle per blister with guide tube. Bright coloured plastic handles for high visibility.

For more information about all AcuMedic acupuncture needles please read our guide.

Acupuncture needles should only be used by qualified acupuncturists or supervised students of acupuncture only. While there is currently no official legislation regarding the sale of acupuncture needles in the UK, by purchasing these acupuncture needles, you are declaring that you are a qualified acupuncturist or a student of acupuncture who will use the product under supervision only. 

By purchasing this product you are self-certifying that you are a trained Acupuncturist or student of Acupuncture with relevant insurance.

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