Clinisept +skin 490mls


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Clinisept+ is a next-generation skin technology. It contains an advanced hypochlorous solution that provides highly effective cleansing and antimicrobial efficacy, but is also completely skin-compatible: it has a skin neutral pH, is non-irritant, non-sensitising, and non-cytotoxic – a combination of qualities that, until now, has not been possible to combine in one chemistry.

Clinisept+ is therefore revolutionising the way we clean and care for the skin. It is endorsed by leading practitioners in each of its fields of use and has won awards from the most respected industry bodies. Whether in professional medical, podiatry, dental, or cosmetic applications, or simply at home, Clinisept+ delivers better protection against complications and better user outcomes.

Clinisept+ is suitable for vegans and is manufactured in accordance with cruelty-free standards.

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