100 Am Copper Loop Needles - 30mm x 0.25mm


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This is the traditional Chinese type of needle, which means that it is the tried and tested design that delivers the authentic acupuncture experience. It has been serving practitioners for hundreds and hundreds of years. A thoroughly proven and reliable needle that is a great all-rounder.

The needle comes with a strong stainless steel build and pine pointing capable of delivering a precise and stimulating effect. The copper coil handle and loop afford you a good grip and complete control.

The handle and loop also enable easy hand manipulation, the use of loose moxa, and excellent conductivity for electro-stimulation – thus making CC one of the most versatile needles available.

For more information about all AcuMedic acupuncture needles please read our guide.

Acupuncture needles should only be used by qualified acupuncturists or supervised students of acupuncture only. While there is currently no official legislation regarding the sale of acupuncture needles in the UK, by purchasing these acupuncture needles, you are declaring that you are a qualified acupuncturist or a student of acupuncture who will use the product under supervision only. 

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