Extra Treatises Based upon Investegation and Inquiry


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This is a collection of medical essays by the great Jin/Yuan dynasty master Zhu Dan-xi, one of the four great masters of internal medicine of his time. His theories have indelibly shaped the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine up to the present day. In these essays, Zhu discusses his theories on a variety of topics including the roles that diet, sex, and lifestyle play in disease causation and prevention. This book could be considered a companion volume to Zhu's magnum opus, the Heart and Essence of Dan-xi's Methods of Treatment, BK1853.Here, Zhu waxes theoretical, though he does not fail to illustrate his theories with examples from clinical practice. He expounds his theories of ministerial fire and enriching yin in a way that is detailed and deep, yet clear and conversational. As usual, Zhu's style is charmingly self-effacing, and he strikes just the right balance between theory and autobiographical anecdotes.Much of the work is devoted to the effects of lifestyle and the seasons on health and disease, though there are also essays on specific diseases and clinical issues, including a few useful tracts on pulse diagnosis.Zhu's commentaries on the works of his predecessors are especially interesting and insightful. His perspective seems as fresh today as it must have in the 13th century. Zhu knew that others would read his works, but due to his ingenuous nature, he would never have permitted himself to imagine that he would someday be remembered as the epitome of medical knowledge of the Jin and Yuan dynasties. We are indeed fortunate that the bulk of his work has survived, and that it now exists in English translation. This book is a glimpse not only into some of the finest medical writing of the pre-modern world, but into the life of a truly great person.

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