Phlebotomy Blood Collection Course (7-8 November 2024) at AcuMedic Centre


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This two-day Diploma course enables you to learn how to take blood from a client either to work as a Phlebotomist or to be able to send off and investigate your client's own blood analysing the results and ordering specific tests to help with resolving client issues.

Learn about different Blood Collection Systems and lab testing procedures and issues. This course is designed for Non-Medical people coming to healthcare for the first time.

You will get a Phlebotomy dry lab (practice on mannequins) plus a Phlebotomy LIVE practice lab (real blood-taking practice) not done on many UK courses.

Learn all the healthcare health and safety, Phlebotomy health and safety, protocols and practical in a course that follows recognised HSC Skills For Health Standard (HSC 376) and meets World Health Organization Guidelines.

Assessment is by observation of students performing the techniques to establish safe practice. Each student must be observed practising correct, safe, protocol in order to be deemed safe to practice and gain a full certificate. (12 hours CPD)

Optional Certificate of Competency Available with a further day course.


Day 1: Phlebotomy Blood Taking Course:

  • History of Phlebotomy
  • Phlebotomy Health and Safety
  • Health Care Health and Safety
  • Working with the Lab
  • Analytical errors
  • Blood Collection Systems
  • Equipment
  • Local Anatomy and Physiology
  • Blood Composition
  • Blood Tests
  • Practical Sessions using a mannequin
  • Lab documentation

Day 2 Understanding Lab Testing and Results For Therapists plus assessment:

  • Full list of Lab tests
  • Issues with variance
  • Common test issues
  • Misunderstood result concepts
  • Full client analysis and case studies
  • Live Blood Taking
  • Live roll play simulation

The course consists of theory and practical hands-on application.

You will be continuously assessed and do a full simulated live client blood extraction, plus there is a health and safety assessment.


“I have recently completed a medical Phlebotomy course with Total Therapy and it has been fantastic. The all-important theory in addition to the in-depth hands-on training meant I came away feeling confident to offer this in the clinic straight away. The teacher is incredibly knowledgeable and I always come away looking forward to the next course before I’ve even booked it.”Angela Anderton

“The Phlebotomy course at Total Therapy was very nicely put together, the theory and practical Well explained. I would definitely recommend it to everyone as it’s a great addition to any integrated or holistic practice.” Pavlina Fernandes, Southport, Merseyside

“The Phlebotomy course was very practical and allowed us to obtain experience on real people.”Ben P Tam, AcuHealing Clinic, Luton, Bedfordshire.


You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.You must consent to extracting blood and having blood extracted.You must not have any blood disorders.


Does this course qualify me to do this on the general public?

Yes, it does qualify you to extract blood from clients using the skills taught in the course as a professional vocation or for supporting your current therapist role.

Can I get insured for this course?

Yes, if you are a therapist or medically qualified already, Balens Insurance accept our Certificates and Diplomas readily. We work in close partnership with them, making sure that they accept all our qualifications. If you aren’t already a therapist there are other insurance companies that we can point you to that will take our certificates or diplomas.

Do I have to be registered with the NHS?

No, this is not a requirement as there are no governing bodies for Phlebotomy in the UK.


Date: 7-8 November

Time: 09:45-13:00

Venue:  AcuMedic Centre, 1901-105 Camden High Street, NW1 7JN, London

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