AcuMedic Foundation Facial Gua Sha Workshop with Chris Davies (BAF)


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On this course we will teach you to use 2 techniques:

  • Cosmetic Facial Cupping by using a small smooth-edged cup (usually silicon) 
  • Facial Gua Sha, which is uses a scraping tool, usually Jade

These tools clear out facial toxins, renew connective tissue, increase blood supply, tone and lift the facial muscles and generate new collagen whilst increasing the luminosity of the skin.

This course also includes our foundation to cosmeceuticals, an explanation of which products you should be using (and why), as well as the best brands that give you and your clients the best results.

The Kit price for facials is for Professional Gua Sha, a Cupping kit for treating a client – Trade Price £118 (retail £195).2 sizes of facial silicon cups, Jade Gua Sha Fish, Roller, Vit C 30ml, Hyaluronic Acid 60ml, specialised SPF 30 50ml, Gentle cleanser 150ml, Cotton pads, Coconut Oil, Metal Clinic Tray.

6 CPD Credits

Saturday 15th April. starts at 10.30am-5pm at AcuMedic Centre in London

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