Back and Cautionary Needling (Level 5) 14 July at AcuMedic Centre


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Some courses gloss over Back and Front body Acupuncture as it can be considered dangerous but when done correctly it is a very safe and effective. It should be considered for clients with serious and more long term deeper level issues.

This back acupuncture and cautionary needling course will teach you how to practice safe needling on the back and other torso areas which are classed as potentially hazardous to deep needle.


Learn how to use safe alternative ways to needle points, in some cases removing any possibility of injury.

This course includes BOTH Back microsystem and body cautionary points, which, if done incorrectly can cause clients serious injury.

You will learn how to correctly measure the back, including where this can go wrong and how to prevent those issues.

You will get the explanation of the 3 key safety considerations of all needling which prevent client injury.


Various Needling techniques will be discussed for specific areas and points on the neck and upper and lower back. You will learn (and practice) the inner and outer Back Shu point microsystem as well as the Hautuo Jaiji points and the differences between their functions.

Practical demonstrations are included and supervision of all points needled.

Cautionary body points (e.g. LIV13, KD27) will be covered with specific safe techniques for needling these.Cautionary neck points (GB21, SI16, GB20) as well as eye points (e.g. BL1, ST1).



  • Contraindications and Health and Safety
  • Back ‘Shu’ point applications
  • Musculoskeletal applications
  • Discussions of other hazardous areas
  • Marking up and location of back ‘shu’ points
  • Location of other torso points
  • Needling the shoulder
  • Needling the neck
  • Needling the eye area
  • Needling the front torso area including ‘Mu’ points
  • Needling the sacral formen
  • Needling for and carrying out an ‘AET’ or ‘AED’ Five Element treament
  • Needling the Hautuo Jaiji points
  • Issues and applications
  • Tools and instruments
  • Standard Protocols
  • Post treatment care
  • Consent forms
  • Patient records
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Student practice of standard protocols

Assessment is by observation of students performing the therapy during the practical sessions to establish safe practice. Each student will be observed practising correct, safe, protocol in order to be deemed safe to practice and gain a full certificate. (equates to 6 hours CPD).

Optional £49 fee to upgrade to a diploma via case studies verified by an independent external examiner.


“I recently attended this course with Total Therapy Training and it is one of the best courses I have ever attended. Communication was excellent before and after the course. The content and information of the course was of a very high standard and the teacher was very experienced and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the courses. Thank you Total Therapy Training.”Omie Megan


I’ve done other micro-system acupuncture before but not done a course on body needling, am I qualified?I’m afraid that the answer is no, you must have a full diploma qualification in body acupuncture and understand body acupuncture needling and diagnosis. This course does not teach diagnosis, it teaches safe needling of the points you already know.

Can I get insured for this course?Yes, if you are an acupuncture therapist or medically qualified already, Balens insurance accept our Certificates and Diplomas. We work in close partnership with them, making sure that they accept all our qualifications.

What are the benefits of back acupuncture and needling hazardous points?Many of the key points to treating deep systematic disease and conditions require the use of points that have cautions against them or lay on the back ‘Shu’ acupuncture system. Many acupuncturists stay away from these points as standard because of their fear of causing harm, but this can impact their treatment results and not allow them to fully resolve the issues. This limits the acupuncturist to a much smaller range of treatments that they can offer.

Who is it for?This course is aimed at acupuncturists, current body acupuncture students and the medically qualified. It is for practitioners who wish to learn a valuable technique to increase their value and ability to treat a wide range of conditions with acupuncture.


We do not teach Acupuncture needling in this course, so, therefore you must hold a medical qualification with experience of Acupuncture needling, an Acupuncture diploma or be currently attending an acupuncture course and have already started your practical needling.

You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.

You must consent to giving and receiving acupuncture therapy.


Date: 14 July

Time: 09:45-17:00

Venue:  AcuMedic Centre, 1901-105 Camden High Street, NW1 7JN, London

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