Alishan Cream (Jin Xuan Oolong Tea)


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The Jin Xuan cultivar is famous for bringing milky and creamy flavours and textures to pure tea. Our tea farmers have grown this cultivar high up in the most incredible tea mountain in Taiwan - Alishan in Nantou county. The combination of this leaf and that environment makes a mesmerising cup of tea.

After picking, the leaf is transformed by hand over 36 hours (working through the night without break) into this wonderful ball oolong.

Pure, fresh and light green oolong floral, grassy and nutty flavours are luxuriously mellowed and enriched by the creamy finish of Jin Xuan to create a tea to savour. It pairs beautifully with any kind of desserts or biscuits but is perfect as a tea ceremony tea surrounded by good friends and family.

Often imitated as an artificially scented 'Milk Oolong', this is a genuine, pure Jin Xuan cultivar tea. This cultivar (also known as Taiwan cultivar 12) is relatively modern and was released by the Taiwanese Tea Research and Extension (TRES) in the 1980's. It is grown throughout Taiwan and is renowned for its milky/creamy taste due to being naturally rich in lactones.

Abot this Jin Xuan Oolong tea:

This milky texture and taste can be a little elusive and depend on a multitude of factors like terroirs, season and weather. This Alishan Cream has a really pronounced milkiness that lasts over several infusions.

The market is flooded with scented versions of this tea that range from tasty to awful and many sellers feed clients the most ridiculous stories to explain the powerful milky aroma.

We do not know if they actually believe these stories (having been fed them by the producers) or if they are knowingly conning the public but either way, so many people are being misled about this tea. If you hear that the tea was 'watered' with milk, steamed over milk or dried with milk powder then we can guarantee that you are being told a lie.

We would advise everyone to try an original, pure, unscented cultivar. It may not be as powerfully milky as the scented versions but Alishan Cream is so much more balanced and nuanced with that bright green Oolong freshness to contrast with the creaminess.


Place 1 teaspoon in a mug or pot. For Oolong teas, water should be close to boiling (95C). Use filtered water that does not contain too many hard minerals. Leave to infuse for 1-2 minutes. Drink and enjoy. TIP: get the most out of our teas by infusing up to 5 times.

For more details on correct brewing check the Tea Brewing Chart.

Ingredients / Materials:

Pure High-Grade Jin Xuan Ali Shan Oolong Tea Leaves.


Here are just a few known health benefits associated with drinking tea: Boosts your immune system - Lowers blood sugar levels - Helps prevent cavities and tooth decay - Slows the aging process - Helps reduce the risk of cancer - Lowers Cholesterol - Aids in weight loss by burning calories - Reduces high blood pressure - Helps prevent arthritis - Reduces the risk of heart disease - Reduces the risk of stroke - Lowers the risk of blood clot.


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