Phytoform Dispensing Equipment

We have intentionally made the Phytoform dispensing process as ridiculously simple as possible to cut down costs and space requirements. Simply scoop the required amounts of each extract into the patient pot, add a patient scoop, put on a lid and shake vigorously for 5 seconds. Be sure to print your own customised labels at

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Small 1ml scoops for patients to measure out Phytoform prescriptions. 1 scoop is equivalent to 2 capsules. 12pcs

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Dispensing scoop measuring 1g of Phytoform Powders. 5pcs.

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Pots for filling with Phytoform Powders to make up prescriptions. Pack of 9pcs including snap on lids.

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Dispensing scoop measuring 10g of Phytoform Powders. 5pcs

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