Medical Case Histories

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Contains 101 case histories, each providing a thorough discussion of diagnosis and syndrome differentiation, the course of therapy, the result of treatment. An indispensable important book for students of Chinese medicine.

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Drawn from the experiences of 40 Western acupuncture practitioners,this book offers their intriguing&interesting cases.By following the practitioners through the decision-making process,students&clinicians draw out learning points for themselves.

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This is a practical, clinical text of traditional Chinese diagnosis and acupuncture therapy. Advice is given about ways to avoid common pitfalls in diagnosis and about looking at a problem from different aspects.Incl. more than 80 charts.

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Research in China on Epidemiology

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This book represents a relatively intact first hand account of Qian Bo-xuan's clinical experience in gynecology. Inside are 84 case studies of 25 different disease types, divided within 4 disease categories. An invaluable guide.

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In this book, the principles and techniques of scalp acupuncture are systemically discussed along with typical case reports to illustrate the therapeutic effect of the therapy.

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A completely revised edition of the previous Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber. Some revisions and improvements to the original. 300 cases selected for great help to readers in understanding this ancient classic.

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