Diagnostic Techniques

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Containing over 200 hundred colour photos & many case studies,this atlas is an extensive & detailed text for practitioners & students.Organised according to syndrome,the case studies offer detailed histories describing aspects of diagnosis.

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Compiled from a number of Chinese sources, this book enables health care professionals to aid them diagnose their patients' health and disease from the shape of the hand, fingernails, and lines on the palm.

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Presents a close study of the energetics of the emotions.Each of the 7 emotions is discussed in detail,showing how the internal organs are implicated in each display of feeling, & how health & disease manifest in emotion.

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A highly illustrated guide to diagnosis in Chinese medicine. This book by Giovanni Maciocia will help lead students and practitioners through basic on to sophisticated levels of diagnostic interpretation.

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Western students of TCM are familiar with the difficulties that are often encountered when applying pattern identification in practice. This book breaks that barrier to bring the depth of Chinese teaching into an English textbook.

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The author has devoted herself to the study of traditional Chinese palmistry in medical applications for many years, & has found the inner relations between the changes of palmar lines & 130 diseases.Effective in diagnosing early cancer.

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The principles and practice of diagnostics are key to administering effective treatment in TCM. The ability to recognize symptoms & complaints correctly is fundamental to deciding on appropriate remedies. This book provides the know how.

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This resource teaches you to evaluate and assess important facts about health, lifestyle, personality, and internal bodily functions of a person based on the shape, markings, features,and expressions of his/her face.

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Two of the major texts in the history of tongue diagnosis are presented and put into context in this volume. You will get a sound understanding of the theory and practice of tongue diagnosis from the early texts.

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Although based on traditional methods, it is contemporary because it recognizes that pulse diagnosis must continue to develop over time. It has evolved in recent decades to better reflect modern times and lifestyles.

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Workbook to help both practitioner & student towards increasingly sophisticated assessment & practice through palpatory skills of all tissues & systems,including the skin,muscle structure, the spine & the pelvis. Illustrated.

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You cannot find a more rich presentation of pulse diagnosis in a pocket-sized atlas. All in all, this is a valuable and convenient learning tool for anyone seeking to be proficient in the art of pulse diagnosis.

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This colour atlas is concise and to the point.It explains individual tongue characteristics & combines these characteristics in real case studies. 162 colour photos.

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Many generations of Chinese physicians have digested this well-known textbook before qualifying as a doctor.Prof. Deng is an honorary professor at the CMIR jointly organised by the AcuMedic Foundation & Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

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Written in the late Han dynasty,this book is entirely devoted to pulse diagnosis, and will be of great value for those interested in understanding the methods of reading the pulse in Chinese medicine.

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Good reference book for both TCM practitioners and TCM students. Features of many pulse conditions are well discussed.

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