Conventional Medicine

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This up-to-date edition contains outstanding features to help you build on basic principles and concepts to gain a 'big picture' understanding of how the body works and how body systems work together.

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The purpose of this book is reflected in the title. Each chapter provides an explanation of the normal structure & function of the human body and what takes place when disease or illness disrupts the normal processes. 10th ed.(2006) 340 illust. 504pp

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A fun yet concise book offering a new and imaginative way of learning. By colouring the illustrations you will be able to learn and retain important information that is very different from the usual study ground. - By Kapit. (1993) 162pp plus index

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Hundreds of expert drawings along with easy-to-understand text help you explore just how breathing works. Get acquainted with the principal organs, structures, and forces that affect breathing. Learn simple exercises. (2006) 232pp

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Everyone who plays sports experiences injuries. Many people never fully recover because they're not aware of what they can doto facilitate recovery. But there is no need to simply resign yourself to living with a sports injury. (2007) 244pp

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Books on stretching are common, however this book takes a morefundamental approach than the others, taking the reader insidethe body to show exactly what is happening during a stretch. With 200 full-colour illustrations. (2007) 176pp

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Outlines skills required to identify the relationship of structures with the surface, & the art of palpating through the skin. Colour illustrations depicting exact location with clear lines to bones,joints,muscles,nerves,arteries,veins. (2006) 250pp

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In full colour, this best-selling text has been completely revised and updated. Written specifically for holistic therapistscovering the Diploma in Holistic Therapy, it now provides fullcoverage of the Diploma in Complementary Therapies. (2005)204pp

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A state-of-the-art anatomy atlas emphasising clinical context. Carefully selected from an extensive collection, these images are the most instructive & illustrative. The unique two facing pages focuses the user to the topic/area explored. (2008)656pp

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This 4th edition provides a clear and practical illustrated guide to all aspects of history taking and patient examination.Designed for both medical students starting their clinical examination and more experienced readers. (2008)

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This best selling pocket book contains material for quick revision, easy reference, and practial management. An indispensable 'pocket essential'. By Ballinger, A. & Patchett, S. (2004)863 pages

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Medical students, practising doctors and health-care professionals will benefit from the clear lay-out of this book. - By Kumar and Clark. Updated & revised edition with clearer design for ease of access. (2009) 1343pp

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A clear detailed reference book explaining the conventional disease processes,and how to treat them.Symptoms of each disease are clearly defined.Invaluable textbook for students and practitioners in the alternative health field. Case studies.(2001)451p

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Unique collection of 300 colour photos to illustrate the surface landmarks of human anatomy. The position of deeper structures& their relationship to the surface are shown with clear and unobstrusive diagrams superimposed onto the photos. (1997) 138pp

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Complete coverage & stunning illustrations make this book the obvious choice for medical students. With its masterful combination of streamlined text, eye-catching graphics, this atlas makes learning pathology easy and fun. (2007) 457pp

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Medical students will find this concise, high-quality text invaluable for preparing for exams, & it will serve as both a companion & clinical reference throughout their studies. Physicians& health professionals will find this a key source. (2000)406pp

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