While the Government advice regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 is designed to reduce transmission, the advice to your patients should be: PREPARE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.


We suggest you encourage and maintain a regular dialogue with your patients in order to reassure them with practical advice.

The key is to prevent any panic. There should be sensible health information tailored to each of your unique clients, mindful of the permeability between the mind and body health.

As you communicate with each client, one-to-one over the phone and online, make sure they are not feeling alone while still being treated as a unique individual at a time of great uncertainty.

Ultimately, we strongly suggest that you focus on helping your patients get HEALTHIER. This is completely different from our natural instinct to fearfully avoid getting ill, to panic and to blame.

Essentially, this is about keeping calm so that the immune system stays calm, too.


If you are looking to help your patients with herbal products according to the Chinese Medical theory of immunity then consider these products in AcuMedic's plant-based TCM range:


This is a blend of 11 Chinese herbs designed to rebalance and fortify immune system. It is a rich combination of herbs formulated by AcuMedic's Chinese doctors, based on a traditional herbal formula.

The classic formulation at the basis of the Pro-iM Restore blend was used in response to the viral outbreak in Wuhan this year.

This potent yet popular herbal blend is available over the counter from our tea store here.

The Pro-iM Restore is a part of a whole range of herbal tisanes created from freshly ground raw, Chinese herbs. These Functional Blends are designed for fast extraction to get the goodness out of all the herbs inside without any cooking.

All of AcuMedic herbs are sourced from reputable growers and harvested at the right season for optimal efficacy. .



To help your clients overcome other health conditions with a more precisely targeted treatment, you should compile bespoke prescriptions that are based on individual person's diagnosis.

To provide your patients with personalised Chinese herbal prescriptions we recommend that you browse our Phytoform system of easy to assemble Chinese herbal medicine.

This is a convenient source of raw herbal materials ready for you to formulate and prescribe according to each unique diagnosis.

Browse the Phytoform collection here.

If you are not qualified in Chinese herbal medicine and are new to Phytoform then our medical courses, accredited by the Chinese Medical Institute & Register, will give you the training you need once the teaching resumes.


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