Over the past 40 years, AcuMedic has quite rightly gained its reputation as the leading light in the modernisation and integration of Chinese Medicine in the West. Renowned internationally AcuMedic has grown and developed into the most respected European organisation for anyone who is involved in Chinese Medicine. Whilst others may have jumped onto the expansion of Chinese Medicine, AcuMedic has been paving the way since the beginning, dedicated to raising awareness and integration of Chinese Medicine into Western healthcare. We offer all of our customers a simple promise - to provide everyone interested or involved with Chinese Medicine with expert resources, products and services combined with impeccable customer service.

AcuMedic Incoporates
  • A professional supplies department providing a huge range of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and complementary health products and books.
  • A world renowned medical clinic offering Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage and Cosmetology.
  • The AcuMedic Foundation, sponsoring CMIR diploma courses in all aspects of the authentic system of Chinese Medicine accredited by the leading Universities in China.
  • A research department sponsoring research in the latest developments in Chinese Medicine and communicating these with our customers.
  • A legislative department dedicated to furthering the integration of safe and effective Chinese Medicine into Western healthcare systems for the benefit of public health.