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The most convenient way to brew Chinese medicinal herbs

Receive the health benefits of Chinese Herbs without the inconvenience and intrusive smell.

This electric brewer is the easiest way to brew raw Chinese Herbs. The beauty of an electric brewer is that it can be used anywhere that there is a plug so you no longer have to deal with the strong smell of herbs in your kitchen. You could even place the brewer under cover outdoors and boil your herbs without any smell in the home at all.

The brewer is designed for maximum convenience. Add the herbs and water and leave to brew automatically. When the decoction is ready the unit will keep the contents warm for you without risk of overboiling.

Instructions for use:

1. Rinse and then soak herbs in cold water in the brewer for at least 15 minutes.

2. Add more cold water if necessary until the water level is about two thirds of the brewer.

3. Place lid on brewer, plug in the brewer and switch it on so that the red light goes on. Leave for the herbs to brew.

4. After between 1 and 2 hours, when the brewing has finished the brewer green light will illuminate indicating that the brew is ready.

5. When the liquid reaches 70 degrees Celsius. The red and green lights will cycle indicating that the liquid is being kept warm for you.

6. Unplug brewer and pour liquid into another container to drink.

7. IMPORTANT: Allow the brewer to cool before cleaning. To clean, remove the herbs and wash inside taking care not to wet the outside plug lead and lights.


1. Do not plug in the brewer before adding water into it.2. Do not rinse the brewer with cold water if the brewer is hot as this may cause cracks in the brewer.3. Do not immerse the brewer in water.4. Do not fill the brewer above 80% full when brewing.

This unit has safety certification and CE marking making it suitable for use in the EU.

The unit does not come with any warranty but may be returned for a refund or replacement within 60 days if it is deemed to be faulty.

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