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Bowen Unravelled


Bowen Unravelled

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Author: Julian Baker
Media Format: Book
Pages: 167
Language: English
Publisher: Lotus Publishing
Publication Date: 2013
ISBN: 9781905367405

Bowen Unravelled, by Julian Baker. Subtitled, 'A journey into the fascial understanding of the Bowen Technique', this profusely illustrated and clearly written book, offers deep insight into how connective tissues respond to various kinds of treatment.

The Bowen Technique, named after its originator Tom Bowen, has grown hugely in popularity since it was first taught in the 1980s. Known for its simplicity and key signature features such as its short breaks between moves, the technique has been shown time and again to bring extraordinary results with very little pressure on the part of the therapist. Unusually the founder himself seemed to know very little of the actual workings of his technique, calling it a 'gift from God', content to treat the thousands of people he saw without the need to understand too deeply the processes that drove his results. Understandably numerous questions remain: How does it work? Why is such light pressure so effective? What are the factors involved in producing the results? And what is the theory behind such a gentle approach? This book breaks down the concepts of The Bowen Technique and develops an understanding of what is going on during a treatment, including explanations of why things happen the way that they do. Featuring the entire range of classical Bowen procedures, each move is explained in depth, covering such topics as the importance of understanding fascia and connective tissue and its key role in bodywork. The original work of Tom Bowen is enshrined throughout the book, an attempt to finally understand just what is going on when a Bowen move is performed. Baker explains clearly why deep pressure is considered detrimental to intelligent bodywork approaches and how every structure can be accessed without the need for pain for the client or tension from the therapist.