Wild Flower Plant Spirits


Wild Flower Plant Spirits

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The world is a profoundly healing place, and each wild plant has its own contribution to make to the healing that can take place here. A delightful introduction giving the reader a sense of the unique properties and healing engeries. (2005) 191pp

Wild flowers in the spring time not only bring alive our senses with rich colours and fragrant odours but inspire the hope and creativity of life itself. Gardens give space for beauty, instpiration, meditation and enjoyment. Flowers have been used to heal for centuries whether this be simply by walking in rose gardens or by using them in teas, balms, ointments, and dressings for specific discomforts. Here are the poetic descriptions of the healing qualities and energetic spirits of forty wild medicinal flowers of southern France. It is a journey that will refresh the senses, bring alive the potential of flowers and open our vision to what a vast healing world is all around us.