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Chakras: A4 Chart


Chakras: A4 Chart

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Author: Jan Van Baarle
Media Format: Chart
Language: English
Publisher: Jan Van Baarle
ISBN: 9789079887477

This easy to follow chart show the seven chakras, the energy centres of the body: the root chakra, sex chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and the crown chakra. A4 Chart

On the first side, the seven chakras, energetic centres of the subtle body, are represented according to the Vedic tradition. For each one, the various associations are given: Sanskrit name, element, mantra, psychological aspect, type of yoga… At the back, an illustration of their positions along the spine and seven small texts describing what typifies the good functioning, or on the contrary, unbalance, of each chakra.

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