Clinical Introduction to Medical Acupuncture


Clinical Introduction to Medical Acupuncture

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Author: Steve K.H. Aung
Author: William P.D. Chen
Media Format: hardback
Pages: 324
Language: English
Publisher: Thieme
Publication Date: 2007
ISBN: 9783131382719

Designed for the busy medical professional. This book is the perfect text for gaining knowledge of medical acupuncture as a complement to other specialities. This introductory text discusses the most important concepts of acupuncture.

Description This introductory text presents a systematized and in-depth clinical approach to medical acupuncture. Covering basic concepts in anatomy, physiology, and pathology, Clinical Introduction to Medical Acupuncture will give practitioners the confidence to apply acupuncture and ancillary techniques, such as needling, moxibustion, cupping and electroacupunture, to treat a wide range of acute and chronic diseases and conditions. Features:Succinct descriptions of theory and pointsTips on using anatomical landmarks to ensure precise point localizationClinical pearls on how to apply techniques for common conditions Clear illustrations and comprehensive tables that synthesize key information on indications, acupuncture points, and treatment plans, ideal for quick review and referenceShort self-study quizzes for each topic and a comprehensive final exam that help the practitioner identify areas requiring additional studyDiscussion of the importance of self-care and cultivation, Qi Gong, and other techniques to enhance healingThis book will benefit not only acupuncturists and complementary medicine practitioners, but also Western medical practitioners in family medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine, pain medicine, neurology, oncology, rheumatology, gynecology, dentistry and other specialties. Practitioners studying for certification and licensing exams in medical acupuncture will also find this book an indispensable tool.

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