Yin Yang in Classical Texts


Yin Yang in Classical Texts

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Author: Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee
Media Format: Paperback
Pages: 141
Language: English
Publisher: Monkey Press
Publication Date: 2006
ISBN: 1872468438

Yin Yang from the Classical Texts is an edited transcript of two seminars given in 2005 in London. Chinese characters are included throughout the text to clarify the meaning of key terms. Where appropriate, the ideograms are explained. (2006) 141pp

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee continues her study of the Chinese classical texts with an exploration of the concept of yin yang. Guiding us through the early writings of the Spring and Autumn Annals, the Daoist classics of Laozi, zhuangzi and Huainanzi, and the medical texts of the Yellow Emperor, the Neijing Suwen, she explains the development of these ancient ideas which provide the basis for Chinese philosophy and medicine."The is no way to have yin without yang or yang without yin. They are always a double facet of every living being and every phenomenon. and they are fertile, sustaining life only by their deep harmonious alliance."Elisabeth has used existing English translations of some of the non-medical texts. These are listed at the end of the book. The medical texts are translated by Elisabeth.Whether you are a practitioner of Oriental medicine, body work or martial arts, or have a more philosophical and spiritual interest in Chinese classical thought, we hope that this study of yin yang will clarify and enlighten your thinking and practice.

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