How to Apply Face, Nose, Hand & Foot Acupuncture


How to Apply Face, Nose, Hand & Foot Acupuncture

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Author: L.K.Kho
Media Format: Paperback
Pages: 53
Language: English
Publisher: Medicine and Health Publishing Co.
Publication Date: 1989
ISBN: 9789623000307

Useful book listing the effects noted when using face, nose, hand and foot acupuncture to cure many common diseases.

Chinese medical personnels had discovered datum of face, nose, hand, and foot acupuncture in ancient medical literature which was unfortunately incomplete.Chinese medical personnels have then systematized them and applied them repeatedly to cure many common diseases with good results.In addition, remarkable effects have been noted in the face acupuncture and nose acupuncture mostly used in acupuncture anaesthesia as well.Contents:- Face and Nose Acupuncture- Hand and Foot Acupuncture.