Anatomy and Physiology in Health & Illness 11th Ed


Anatomy and Physiology in Health & Illness 11th Ed

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The purpose of this book is reflected in the title. Each chapter provides an explanation of the normal structure & function of the human body and what takes place when disease or illness disrupts the normal processes. 10th ed.(2006) 340 illust. 504pp

An easy-to-read and understand basic textbook of anatomy and physiology. Highly illustrated in 4 colours throughout. In addition to covering the ‘normal’ anatomy and physiology each chapter ends with a brief section on diseases, which explains what happens when, the ‘normal’ goes wrong. The text provides the essential foundations of understanding for all students studying on health related courses.


Carefully refined, clear and unambiguous text
Excellent layout ensures the text and relevant illustrations are close together
Highly illustrated with clear line diagrams, mostly colour
Text uses regular sequences of headings, lists, and bullet points to help with learning and revision
Learning outcomes are given at the start of each chapter (new feature in this edition)
Omits the unnecessary detail which can confuse the student new to the subject
Contents Section 1:

The body as a whole and its constituents
Introduction to the body as a whole
The cells, tissues and organisation of the body
Electrolytes and body fluids
Contents Section 2:

Internal communication
The blood
The circulatory system
The lymphatic system
The nervous system
The special senses
The endocrine system
Contents Section 3:

Intake of raw materials and elimination of waste
The respiratory system
Introduction to nutrition
The digestive system
The urinary system
Contents Section 4:

Protection and survival
The skin
The skeleton
The joints
The muscular system
The reproductive system
Normal values, bibliography and index

340 illustrations