Meditation, Oneness and Physics


Meditation, Oneness and Physics

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An entertaining, informative and thought-provoking insight into the connections between the sciences of physics and meditation based on the author's own direct experience. - By Glen Peter Kezwer (2003)223 pages

Dr. Kezwer presents the scientific, rational approach to meditation and analyzes this technique in terms of the modern scientific method.

Meditation is treated as a science that starts with the observation of the functioning of the human mind and reaches out towards the vision of Oneness where all of creation is seen as one unique existence.

The parallels between modern physics and meditation are clearly demonstrated, as the ways in which the discoveries of physics both corroborate those achieved through meditation and serve as a basis upon which the findings of meditation can expand.

Dr. Kezwer also shows how the practice of meditation can be incorporated into our own lives to bring the benefits of good health, happiness, clear thinking, peace of mind, self-sufficiency and fearlessness.