White tea is made from new growth buds and young leaves and derives its name from the tiny, silver white hairs on the dried tea. White tea is a specialty of the Chinese province of Fujian. It can only be picked for a short time each year, making it rare and more expensive than other teas but connoisseurs love the pale colour, delicate, sweet flavour and silky finish. White tea is the closest to the natural state of the tea leaf and contains high amounts of anti-ageing antioxidants.

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Amaranth Star

A beautiful white tea star hand woven around a red amaranth flower which swells in water. A delicious tea with gentle notes of honeysuckle and packed full of antioxidants.

Amaranth Star

£ 1.95
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Silver Needle

The champagne of white teas. Scent of sweet sap and freshly cut grass with notes of honeydew melon and green acorn. A delicate tea with a subtly sweet, lingering finish.

Silver Needle

£ 8.50
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White Jasmine

Finest white tea buds infused seven times with freshly picked jasmine flowers. An incredibly perfumed, sweet bouquet with delicate notes of summer meadows and honeydew melon.

£ 9.50
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Silver Needle £ 8.50
White Jasmine £ 9.50
Amaranth Star £ 1.95