Fine loose leaf teas blended with other herbs and natural extracts to create a gloriously scented tea drinking experience. No unnatural flavourings.

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Chinalife Chai Tea Sachet 30g

Our special recipe of 8 freshly ground spices to make the perfect Chai.

£ 3.50
in stock

Dew Drop Jasmine

A full bodied jasmine made from rich Mao Jian green tea infused three times with freshly picked fragrant jasmine flowers.

£ 5.95
in stock

Osmanthus Oolong

A deliciously aromatic oolong infused with finest osmanthus flowers. The scent of sweet flowers and dried apricots gives way to a soft, grassy taste and a smooth finish.

£ 5.50
in stock

River High

A sweet and exotic combination of finest oolong and ginseng. A rich oolong tea with subtle licorice, burnt sugar and tropical fruit overtones. Perfect hot or as an ice tea.

£ 8.95
in stock

White Jasmine

Finest white tea buds infused seven times with freshly picked jasmine flowers. An incredibly perfumed, sweet bouquet with delicate notes of summer meadows and honeydew melon.

White Jasmine

£ 8.60
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River High £ 8.95
Osmanthus Oolong £ 5.50
Dew Drop Jasmine £ 5.95
White Jasmine £ 8.60
Chinalife Chai Tea Sachet 30g £ 3.50