Pu-erh tea is made with leaves from old wild tea trees of a variety known as broad leaf tea found in the mountains of southern Yunnan. The leaves are slightly different in chemical composition making it suitable for fermenting/ageing. Pu-erh is strong complex and smooth and renowned for its fat burning and cholesterol lowering properties. There are two types of PuErh - raw (aged naturally) and cooked (processed in a temperature controlled environment to speed up ageing).

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Black Yunnan Tuo

Expertly cooked compressed Pu Erh tea. Aroma of autumn leaves and a deep, earthy flavour. Great digestif. Contains natural statins, compounds which lower cholesterol.

£ 8.95
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Fire Phoenix

Quality cooked Pu'Erh from Menghai in Yunnan. Earthy, strong and smooth - the perfect digestif. Contains natural tea statins, compounds which lower cholesterol levels and protect heart.

£ 6.95
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Purple Bud

A beautiful and rare tea made from Pu Erh buds. Like walking through a hot tropical forest. Complex, woody and earthy with top notes of elderflower and pine.

£ 6.95
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Fire Phoenix £ 6.95
Black Yunnan Tuo £ 8.95
Purple Bud £ 6.95