Dew Drop Jasmine


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Harvest: Spring

Origin: Taimu Mountain, Fujian, China

Type: Scented Green

Approximate Altitude: 1100m


The green Mao Jian tea leaves produce a stronger brew which is delicious on its own but is perfect for mixing with citrus fruits for a refreshing jasmine ice tea.

Strong tea flavour and a medium jasmine scent.


To brew Western style, infuse about 2g (heaped teaspoon) of leaf per 300ml of 80c water for about 2 minutes. You can reinfuse up to 3 times by adding 60 seconds for every subsequent infusion. 

To brew Gong fu style, infuse about 5g of leaf per 150ml of 80c water for about 5 seconds. You can reinfuse up to 5 times by adding about 5 seconds for every subsequent infusion.

Scent / Taste:

Fragrant and sweet scent with a full bodied tea taste and dry finish.


Here are just a few known health benefits associated with drinking green tea: Boosts your immune system - Lowers blood sugar levels - Helps prevent cavities and tooth decay - Slows the ageing process - Helps reduce the risk of cancer - Lowers Cholesterol - Aids in weight loss by burning calories - Reduces high blood pressure - Helps prevent arthritis - Reduces the risk of heart disease - Reduces the risk of stroke - Lowers the risk of blood clot.


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