Natural Beauty Tea


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Rose (cleanses the skin),

Wolfberry Fruit (promotes regeneration of liver cells),

Chinese Red Date (nourishes the blood),

Licorice Root (clears heat and rids body of toxins),

Longan (tonifies the spleen),

Honeysuckle Flower (clears heat and breaks down toxins),

Lily Bulb (soothes the nerves).


Empty one sachet into a pot or large mug of freshly boiled water. Allow to infuse for a few minutes before drinking. You should refill with hot water and continue drinking throughout the day (can be infused up to 8 times simply by adding fresh water). Increase the steeping time after the third steeping.



One sachet a day.



Ingredients / Materials:

Rose Flowers, Wolfberry Fruit (Gou Ji), Chinese Red Date, Licorice Root, Longan, Honeysuckle Flower, Lily Bulb.



For more detailed descriptions of the properties of these herbs, please consult a Materia Medica.


HERB MIX SPECIALLY FORMULATED BY ACUMEDIC CLINIC these herbs are sold for making a hot drink or for use in cooking and are not intended to treat any medical condition.


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