Surface Anatomy: Anatomical Basis of Clinical Exam


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This innovative and highly praised book describes the visible and palpable anatomy that forms the basis of clinical examination. The first chapter considers the anatomical terms needed for precise description of the parts of the body and movements from the anatomical positions.

The remaining chapters are regionally organised and colour photographs demonstrate visible anatomy. Many of the photographs are reproduced with numbered overlays, indicating structures that can be seen, felt, moved or listened to. The surface markings of deeper structures are indicated together with common sites for injection of local anaesthetic, accessing blood vessels, biopsying organs and making incisions.

The accompanying text describes the anatomical features of the illustrated structures.


Students of medicine,physiotherapy, osteopathy, radiology and other health professions


Introduction. Head. Neck. Thorax. Abdomen and pelvis. Back. Upper limb. Lower limb.

This is a concise but comprehensive text describing visable and palpable anatomy and valuable companion to clinical studies.

- Over 240 colour photographs, with line drawings superimposed, demonstrating
all major structures that can be felt, seen, moved or listened to.

- Regionally organised chapters covering all areas of male and female anatomy.

- Line drawings indicate the surace markings of deep structures together with
sites for injection of local anaesthetic, accessing blood vessels and taking

- Accompanying text supplements the illustrations with emphasises on clinical
relevance throughout.

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