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Why You Should Learn Cupping Therapy

It's going to leave some marks.

Dark purple marks mean Blood Stasis. Pale marks mean Qi Deficiency.

Many people like to take pictures of those circular marks and share them on social media. It's a statement. They want to tell you, before the marks disappear, that they are taking their health in their own hands.

It's a clear symbol of support for a time-tested natural medicine in a world distracted by health misinformation and the Big Pharma.

When the world's media sees those round cupping marks on the body of Michael Phelps - the most successful Olympic athlete of all time – they are intrigued. But there is no doubt in the minds of his competitors. Those marks symbolise a commitment to perfect health recovery and the record-breaking achievements it affords.

Olympic records are there to be broken but stress will continue to rise unchallenged in a world that's getting more competitive and uncertain.

As people spend increasingly longer hours working the demand for effective relief from pains and aches will proliferate.

As the fitness inspiration spreads through social media sports injuries will multiply. People are looking for natural recovery techniques. They want detox solutions that work and delivered by knowledgeable healers. They are inspired by Meghan Markle as she uses cupping for stress relief.

You have the opportunity to learn and practice cupping techniques at our forthcoming CPD course on 9th June.

This is an intensive hands-on day of learning that will equip you with the proven theory and effective techniques to meet the perennial demand for traditional Chinese cupping therapy. The course will be delivered by Dr Xuhua 'Linda' Han (PhD), the Dean of Studies at the Chinese Medical Institute & Register (CMIR) and a very popular practitioner of Chinese Medicine at our clinic in London.

Dr Han will train you in three different cupping techniques. Real patients from our clinic will be there to support your learning as case studies.

You should learn cupping therapy because it will leave marks on you.

Not the temporary marks that you see in photos, but indelible imprints that come from meaningful contact with a powerful tradition of natural healing. New knowledge and ability will leave a mark on how you diagnose and do a treatment.

After this CPD class with Dr Han, you'll want to show everyone what you can do.

Call Anna on 020 7388 6704 or email now to book your place


GBP 120 (normal price)

GBP 90 for members of CMIR or BAF GBP

100 for former CMIR members and students

Last Updated: May 17, 2019