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As part of our ongoing commitment to caring for the well-being of our patients and clients, all water served at the AcuMedic Clinic and used at the chinalife Tea House is now revitalised water.

The AcuMedic Centre is now the UK's first and only revitalised water centre.

High quality water is a fundamental requirement for good health and we are determined to give you the best water possible.


AcuMedic Centre makes access to revitalised water easy:

  • For AcuMedic Clinic Patients

Revitalised water is available for our patients to drink for free at the AcuMedic Clinic. This is in addition to the free complementary teas, now served by chinalife using revitalised water. Your body is 60% water and we hope that each of our patients can benefit from drinking water brought back to its full nourishing and cleansing potential.

  • For chinalife Tea House Clients

All teas and tea cocktails served in chinalife are now made using revitalised water to enhance taste. This is the only tea bar in the UK to do this. In our double blind tastings we were amazed by how revitalised water enhances the flavour of tea. With revitalised water teas have a smoother taste and a more vibrant flavour, with each note more pronounced.

  • For Your Normal Bottled Water

You are welcome to revitalise your own bottled water using the revitalisation system installed in the AcuMedic Shop. It is free and only takes 10 minutes. This quick and easy process, and its effect on your water, are 100% safe and natural. Try it and taste the difference. Once revitalised, your normal water will have a smoother taste, softer texture and a more lubricating mouthfeel.

  • For Your Home or Office

The AcuMedic Shop is the first high street retailer in the UK to sell the devices required for water revitalisation. Here you will find Energy Information Boards which you can use in your kitchen or at your desk to revitalise not just water but other drinks and even food containing water (fruits, cheese etc.). Energy Information Units are also available which can be plumbed in to turn your entire home or office water supply into revitalised water. To purchase, visit us in store or click here to buy at our online store.

  • For Revitalised Water On-the-Go

At the AcuMedic Shop and online store Energy Information Pens are available for revitalisation on-the-go. For the ultimate in pure water, we also stock the Grander Blue Water – bottled from the Austrian mountains and intensely revitalised for over 6 months. It is designed as a restructuring cordial. Just take a cap of Grander Blue Water and mix it into any liquid to revitalise it. You can also use it on its own as a natural energy drink.


By providing you with revitalised water AcuMedic and chinalife are now part of a leading group of forward-thinking multi-national companies who are using water revitalisation to improve the quality of their services and products.

Revitalised water is now adopted by industries round the world, including hospitality, catering, artisan and industrial food and beverages production, to enhance the well-being of people and their environment.

Daimler Mercedes-Benz use revitalised water in their coolant system to reduce chemicals. Hotels in China and Thailand, as well as the Vienna airport, have installed water revitalisation units in their entire air conditioning systems to reduce airborne bacteria. Grander water is also used in prestigious hotels in Germany (including Hotel Kaiserhof), Austria (The White Horse Inn) and USA (Seaport Hotel).

Swimming pools verify that they need to use 50% less chlorine after installing the water revitalisation system. Studies have shown that growing fruits and vegetables with revitalised water improves yield. There are laundry companies that find that they have to use less detergents to clean their clothes when using revitalised water. Food companies confirm that their products have longer shelf life and better texture and flavour. The applications of revitalised water are limitless.


There is testimonial evidence of patients who use revitalised water reporting freedom from joint pain, better sleep, and improved general mood and energy.

Industries and scientific studies have empirically proven the incredible microbial resistance found in revitalised water.

There are testimonial reports of dermatologists using revitalized water to treat eczema and other skin conditions.

Studies have shown that revitalised water reduces organo-chloride compounds by up to 70% (cuts the DNA mutating effect of chlorine).

Anecdotal live blood microscopy analysis have shown that regular consumption of revitalised water improved the function of white blood cells and reduced congestion, bacteria and yeast of blood plasma.

People who wash with revitalised water feel a clear improvement in the softness of their skin and hair becomes softer and more manageable.

For more information, read the brochure below introducing revitalised water and the system behind it. To see the full range of revitalisation water devices, including the Grander Blue Water - intensely revitalised pure Alpine water from the Austrian mountains - visit us on 101-105 Camden High Street or online at shop.acumedic.com.

Last Updated: November 29, 2014


If you prefer to download our guide as a PDF document please click the link below.

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