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New CPD Course from the Chinese Medical Institute & Register (CMIR)

Join us for a practical 1-day course in acupuncture solutions to hay fever, but first let us tell you a story...


Two doctors decided to learn acupuncture for hay fever. Each of them received several enquiries from people looking for natural solution to this growing condition.

Both doctors knew about the clinical trials that convinced the World Health Organisation to recommend acupuncture instead of antihistamine drugs (acupuncture was found to be more effective).

Both doctors went to study the hay fever acupuncture on the same day. But each one went to a different institute. One doctor learned the necessary acupuncture points and the reasons why they work. The other doctor was looking to cut corners. He just wanted to memorise where the needle goes. No questions asked.

The next day both of them received their new hay fever patients. Each doctor needled the correct points and asked their patient to come back next week.

But only one patient came back.

Here's why: the doctor who explained the reasons for needling those acupuncture points got to see the patient again, plus a new referral.

Because that patient got an explanation for the chosen acupoints, they understood why they should stick with the treatment. When their friends asked them why they are having acupuncture for hay fever, they passed on the doctor's explanation. Eager to see a doctor who actually explains to patients instead of just talking at them, they too wanted to see that rare, helpful expert. Business grew exponentially.

The other doctor had no knowledge of the theory behind the acupuncture techniques he just learned, and no idea why the patient didn't return and referrals never come.

No doubt about it, when people choose your treatment they expect you to explain why it works, not just to blindly follow it. To understand how something works, we ask an expert.

16th June is your chance to learn the How and the vital Why of using acupuncture to stop and prevent hay fever.

Dr Zengzhi Wan will teach you the technique and share with you the proven theory of why it works. Over 30 years of clinical experience in China and AcuMedic Centre in London has validated that theory.

What will that knowledge do for you? It will guide your acupuncture to the real root of hay fever. Your job is to lead the patient on a journey to recovery and stronger health. The acupoints are your stepping stones. But if you don't know why you are using those acupoints, any deviation from the patient's expected response to your treatment will derail your efforts. Without an understanding of why it happened, you won't know what to do. Meanwhile, the patient is looking to you for explanations. Eventually, they go looking elsewhere.

Next step: Call Anna on 020 7388 6704 or email now to book your place


16 June, 09:45-17:00, AcuMedic Centre 101-105 Camden High Street, NW1 7JN, London, UK (organised by the Chinese Medical Institute & Register)


GBP 120 (normal price)

GBP 90 for members of CMIR or BAF

GBP 100 for former CMIR members and students

Class size will be kept small so each student can fully participate. Reserve your place now to avoid missing out.

Last Updated: May 31, 2019