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The more we open the flow of our internal energy the more capable we are of connecting to the cosmic energy that exists outside ourselves in the universe. By learning to open the 3 tan tiens to the six directions, draw energy into the body.

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Comprehensive and unique book revealing the Taoist secret of awakening and circulating Qi through the acupuncture meridians of the body. Many drawings. - By M. Chia. (1983) 193pp

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System of health developed by the ancient Taoist masters who discovered that through the process of absorbing energy into the bones, & bone marrow can revitalise & replenish blood & thus nourish life-force within.Illustrated. - M. Chia.(1991) 255pp

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Providing a panoramic overview of the medical traditions of China, Burma, Thailand, Malay, Indochina, Korea and Japan Dr Micozzi offers compelling new insights into the influence of the essentially Chinese expression of vital energy.

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Author Chang Chung-yuan makes the elusive principle of Tao available to the western mind with objectivity, warmth, and depth of insight. It is an important contribution to the task of making the Taoist wisdom accessible to the western intellect. 2011

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This DVD has two separate self-help programs: Guided Imagery & Subliminal Program. Both have easy-to-follow directions and can be used before, during, and after cancer treatments. Complete explanations & instructions for both programs.

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For women of all ages, single, married or lesbian, who seriously want to cultivate their sexual energy with the guidance and exercises presented in this book. Many illustrations.- By M. Chia. (2005) 269pp

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A guide to all who are in search of the religious experience discovered through meditation.The author guides the reader through the specifics of the mental disciplines & visualization Buddhhist & Taoist Masters have used for ages.-By D.Odier(2003)190pp

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An entertaining, informative and thought-provoking insight into the connections between the sciences of physics and meditation based on the author's own direct experience. - By Glen Peter Kezwer (2003)223 pages

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This DVD complements the author's book Mind/body Techniques for Asperger's Syndrome and is a practical introduction to Pathfinder techniques for adolescents with AS, their parents, professionals including physical therapists, pediatricians, cognitive and behavioral specialists, and special education teachers who work with them. DVD 60mins (2009)

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This book explains that past life memories help us work out karma in the macro level and trauma on a micro level. It shows that the integration of past lives enriches the conscious self and also promotes universal tolerance. (2008) 263pp

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These authors guide us through the origins of this philosphy, the meaning behind its 5,000 pictographs, and the way of livingthat generations have followed. It's a true integration of bodyand mind made possible by this book. (2006) 245pp

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A seminal book that sheds light on the importance and practicality of integrating shamanic and spiritual practices into modern psychotherapy. An enlightened contribution to a world where individual and collective purpose must interweave if we hope to create a tapestry of survival. (2012) 302pp

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Based on the balanced and comprehensive system of health care used by Chinese physicians and martial artists for over 5000 years, the book covers every aspect of health, including nutrition, breathing, exercises, meditation and sexual yoga. (2001)406pp

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Explores the parallels between modern physics and Eastern Mysticism. Includes a new preface and after-word in which the author reviews the developments of the 25 years since the book's first publication. - By F. Capra. (1999) 366pp

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This book introduces the ancient sex wisdom of Taoism. Many drawings. - By S. Chang. (1991) 224pp

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